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The Company is spreading its footprint nationwide, setting new benchmarks for operational efficiencies, investing in global resources and redefining paradigms. Its focus on building lasting and trusting relationships with its customers, partners and employees and the legacy of caring for its communities, remains the bedrock of its continued sustainability. The Company aims to energise consumer lifestyles by providing sustainable power.

The BEPL Solar Advantage

  • The power source of the sun is absolutely free.
  • The production of solar energy produces no pollution.
  • The technological advancements in solar energy systems have made them extremely cost effective.
  • In 35 states, solar energy can be fed back to the utilities to eliminate the need for a storage system as well as eliminating or dramatically reducing your electric bills.
  • Solar energy systems are now designed for particular needs. For instance, you can convert your outdoor lighting to solar. The solar cells are directly on the lights and can’t be seen by anyone. At the same time, you eliminate all costs associated with running your outdoor lighting.

Government Subsidy


  • Our mission is to become the most admired leader in development of solar energy plant to reach every nook and corner of rural & urban India.
  • Executing projects safely with predictable benchmark quality cost & time.
  • To meet our clients to help them define their goals, evaluate their options to make a decision
  • To be the leaders in exploring new technologies and their deployment to harness solar energy.
  • Care for the environment, care for the community, care for the customers & care for the people.


  • To operate efficient solar power so as to actively contribute to build ‘Green India” through harnessing of the sun by solar power plants.
  • To be the most admired & responsible leading engine for innovation & entrepreneurship in sustainable energy.
  • BEPL is determined to provide the most compelling value in the solar energy industry to its customers by designing and installing the best quality solar energy plant , on time,at a low cost at the customers satisfaction.

Our Prestigious Clients